Happy Little Studio


Seriously, how cute is the studio? I know sometimes when people say they are moving in an online direction it’s actually code for scaling back and fading into oblivion. And to be honest, I entertained that idea but then I saw this space in the raw and I was like ‘no, let’s do this. Round 3.’


The studio at 16 Myrtle Ave (driveway to the left with parking behind. Go through the back doors and I’m on the left…) is still open every Tuesday 10-1 and 4-7 and by appointment. I’m generally quite flexible with setting up an appointment so shoot me a message via Etsy or an email (shoptheedithamilton@gmail.com). I did not know if the whole one day open thing would work but generally there is a good stream of people coming in every Tuesday and a few appointments during the week. I was nervous to make this move but so far, so good.I’m trying to get in a rhythm where I have new listings going up on Easy every morning, so there is always something new to peek at. And yes, if you pop in the studio, you can totally poke around at the piles of stuff that I have not had a chance to list yet;)

Honestly, Claire Dam took these magical pictures of the studio and overtime I see them, I just smile. I have to hustle my butt off to make this studio a legit living but I am having fun again and things are falling into place.

So come visit! Or browse Etsy regularly to keep up to date with what’s new… The good thing about online shopping is that you can do it on Friday night after a glass of wine while sitting on the couch in your track pants from 2002 or you can do it at work while you are pretending to work on spread sheets for your boss… Not that I am encouraging you to lower your productivity:)

As always, thanks for your support!


(that jumper, those amazing mules and that necklace are available on Etsy now…)


This Studio Thing

So we opened the studio! Online has been motoring along for a while now (our Etsy is here!) and while we are still waiting for a new window so we will actually have natural light and there is still some construction work being done on the building, you can come visit us on Tuesdays between 10-11 and 4-7:) or by appointment.

We are at 16 Myrtle Ave in Hamilton, ON. It’s the ugly grey building from the front (the magic is inside!) but there is a driveway to the LEFT and it goes to the back parking lot where you are totally welcome to park! If you walk in the back door, we are immediately on your left. It’s a studio, not a shop, so while it is set up to be attractive and pretty, it is primarily a work space for us to get things listed online. Check our Etsy before you come so you know what is in stock. We’re working on getting our stock up and listed… The goal is to have 250-300 pieces listed at a time… we are not there yet. Slowlyyyy but surely! Feel free to drop in though and try on something you have been eyeing online or just to talk about feelings:) The space is an old bottling factory and and with brick walls, concrete floors and pretty things around, I’m really excited to be working from there. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pick up your online purchase. Use ‘local1’ as a discount code if you want to skip the shipping cost on Easy and pick up your purchase.

Remember to follow along on Insta (shoptheedit) and if you want the quickest response, please email me or message me on Etsy.


Thanks for following along guys. I’m excited to still have the opportunity to keep doing this. Your closet and your home need a little vintage. Trust me.


Moving. Again.


I know when I say I am moving, you will say ‘again’ and I will smile and say ‘yes, again’ because moving in January is always a good idea… Hehe

I wrote a giant blah, blah, blah post about it here but long story short, online is starting to trump in store sales and I can’t keep killing myself on both and I need to choose. Yes, I am sad to let the store front go. Having a shop to call your own is kinda the dream right? I’ll miss doing the shop windows and arranging it all and my favourite customers popping by but I signed a lease on a studio space a bit more mid town and I’m pretty excited about that.

Right now I’m liquidating the shop on Ottawa St. until January 15 and then re-opening online mid to end February. The new The Edit will have a really tight ‘edit’ of very wearable vintage and amazing housewares. Almost everything will be listed on Etsy (something I always had to squeeze in before… now I will actually have time to be consistent) but I will have regular studio hours so that local customers can pick up their purchases or browse. It’s not street front exactly but there’s parking like 10 feet away and the space is so pretty.

Come shop and get some deals these last few days at the shop and follow along on Etsy (theeditvintage) and Insta (shoptheedit) as we continue this crazy, crazy journey and share the details… Thanks for all your support until now:)



Questions? Answers


What is The Edit?

We are a boutique on Ottawa Street filled with carefully picked vintage. We have lots of fun fancy dresses spanning the decades, a plethora of sparkly little clutches, quirky small housewares and because this is Hamilton, and we love our casuals, we also have lots of every day dresses, denim basics and beautiful leather flats and boots. You don’t have to be a vintage aficionado to shop at The Edit, we want to be the store that gets you hooked and makes you see all the potential in the past decades…

Why vintage?

Because there is nothing new in fashion. Everything that is in stores now has its origins in the past, so you might as well buy the original;) Vintage clothing is often made from much better quality fabric and with better construction than much of what you can buy today. Even 20 years ago many stores were still producing in Canada and the quality is noticeably better.  Sometimes vintage is intimidating but if you mix it with your modern favourites (your fave jeans and those amazing pumps you bought last year at TJ Maxx…) you can be super fabulous (#lifegoals) and no one will show up in the same shirt as you.

What are your hours?

Tues-Fri 12-6 and Sat 10-5! See you then!

Are you online?

Yup! We work hard to list things as often as we can on our Etsy page at TheEditVintage. We are also very active on our Instagram (shoptheedit) so if you see something you like, holler at us… We use this website as a landing page to give you an idea about The Edit but if you want to see the stuff we are bringing in and any events, you should really follow our Instagram:)

Where do you get all your stuff from? 

Secrets of the trade;) haha… Mostly we get it from everywhere. Some people can sing, some people can play sports and some people can hunt vintage. The latter is us. We are super picky and have a vision for the shop so you can be sure you will find some treasures if you ever pop by.

I want to sell you some vintage… do you buy it?

Currently we are not buying a lot but if you think you have something extra special (vintage designer, 1950’s dresses, good costume jewelry…) or if you have an estate you need help clearing, please email us FIRST at shoptheedithamilton@gmail.com and send us a few pictures. Items must be 20 years or older (so no, that BCBG dress is not vintage) and should be in very good condition.